The new tool for handling of hydraulic cylinders

HCRM 20 is a must for you who handle cylinders

With the machine you get the opportunity to handle all types of hydraulic cylinders. Top nuts that sit like a rock are no longer a problem with the HCRM20.

Two power cylinders

The large torque that is sometimes required for tight-fitting top nuts is achieved with 2 hydraulic cylinders that provide an almost infinite torque.
HCRM 20 närbild av maskin

Self-tensioning chuck

The unique chuck with self-tensioning jaws that loosen the most impossible top nuts. The chuck has 6 2-part replaceable jaws for different purposes when clamping the link head or top nut.
Chuck detalj av maskin
Stordockan detalj av maskin

The self-centering support dock
has a stroke of about 5.5 m

Tillbehör bildTillbehör bild

Various accessories for the support dock

The hydraulically movable support manikin has many different replaceable parts to be able to handle many variants of link heads and pistons in cylinders.

Spindeln bild

The spindle

The spindle has a passage of 200 mm which makes it easier to handle, for example, long extension cylinders. The machine is also suitable for long demountable cylinders thanks to the large chuck throughput of 200 mm.

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You are welcome to try the machine on site at Herman Jonsson AB. Feel free to bring your own cylinders.
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